Thursday, March 5, 2015

In With the Old More of the New

I received an e-mail the other day from someone who used to read all of the things I wrote a while back. She was someone who followed me out of Cherry Tap after my meltdown (number 6 I think) and stayed pretty current with everything I wrote for the next couple of years. Now of course I found her e-mail in the spam folder, where I often find her e-mails since her account appears to get hacked a lot, and I really just assumed along the way that she no longer used the account. In my desperate attempt to feel popular though, I always check the e-mails to make sure they are spam, and it was a good thing since this one was not.

The basic narrative of the e-mail was general disgust for my abandoning creative writings that I had done along the way, and why she no longer trusted me anymore with her valuable time. She had every right to feel that way since I had taken a two year hiatus from writing blogs, and had on a couple of occasions in the past taken a six month hiatus at least. I did reply with a small explanation that didn’t explain all of my bull crap spoiled rotten excuses for not writing, but it was pretty succinct actually. “After trying to put together a couple of my creative writings as novels, there was no interest in them due to my poor writing style and storytelling. I was moderately heartbroken by that, and since I was getting no responses to anything I wrote, no comments, no likes, no anything, I just gave up. I’m sorry I let you down.”

I left it at that because seriously, I am over all of my failings. My attitude is that I am a blogger and that is not a bad thing. Yes I am a writer in the sense that I write good at times, and at times it is popular, but most of the time I just write a lot of blog entries, and I go on with my life. I will do it for as long as it makes me happy, and I will stop when it doesn’t. I definitely wasn’t expecting a response to the e-mail, or at least I wasn't expecting one that would make me think about adding another blog to my list of blogs. “I miss your poor writing style and storytelling,” was what was in the e-mail. I must rub off on people sometimes because that is exactly the way I would respond to an e-mail.

In the interest of finishing some things, starting some more, and trying to remember that I did have a creative side at one time, I will finish my two novels I wrote here. I’m a blogger, I’m not a novelist, so this is the forum I should use, and not e-ink or any of the other ways I could possible make 10 bucks. I make that in blog advertising anyway so why not spare myself the back breaking promotion to get the 10 bucks? If I feel like writing a poem or creating something artistic it will be in here. I promise you nothing more than free literature and art created by a whacko. I promise nothing original, or timely. I just promise to use this place as another vent for a different kind of writing or artwork.

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