Thursday, March 19, 2015

Six Days - Chapter Two - Exodus Shemot

I was happy to finally be home. My son had been waiting for me half wondering where I had been and half excited to tell me what his day had been like. I was pretty sure that I didn’t think it would compare to mine but I learned pretty quickly that it would at least relate to mine. “That guy was just lurking around the school for an hour or so,” my son had started explaining to me, “He was creepy too. I mean he was at least 7 feet tall, but he was huge! His arms were bigger than my head, and he didn’t look like he even had a neck,” he continued and I started already understanding who he was describing but wanted him to continue, so I just sat there looking interested. “After they locked down the school we all had to go and look out the windows, cuz you know how it is. What did they expect? He wasn’t ugly but he just looked scary, and nobody could figure out what he was doing out there. Miss Kantner said that the police never showed up so they were really bugging bad around the hallways,” and I found that rather odd considering that our police love to roust anyone for anything.

I was fading out of what he was saying simply because I remember the fear that I had when I saw the man to which he was talking about. I knew him in a way that I was almost too afraid to remember. He had paralyzed me with fear and sent me to another place. I also was able to sense what might have actually brought that freak away from the school. This of course is how I knew him since the time that he was out front of my diner was a good hour and a half after school had let out. My own skin was crawling as I remembered the implosion of all the windows, and then the maternal instincts really came out when I thought of that having happened at the school when all of the kids were crowding the windows to see what was going on. I had actually gone way past the phase of thinking that any of this sounds normal, I just accepted what I knew and what my own eyes and ears had shown me.

This is actually the opposite of jaded I realize but it factors in to a lot of what carries out in the coming days. I envy those people that just slip quietly into insanity especially considering that I was clinging far too emotionally to what could only be an insane situation. Now I found myself thinking about Lou and how he had said I wasn’t enchanted and it worried me a bit to think that it has something to do with all of this and I was angry that my son and his classmates were involved. In what were they involved the small yet sane part of my brain asked the growingly jaded part of my brain. “Did you see anyone else during the strange guy’s walk around the school?”

My son thought about it for a moment and then started explaining to me, “I didn’t, but some of the girls in one of the other classes said that there was another guy out there walking around the school too,” which made a lot of sense considering that guys look at the powerful one and girls look at the cute one. Of course the need to start explaining to Jake how cute he was as if I was fourteen years old myself was drowned out by the need to claw the eyes out of the other girls. How petty can a mother get in this scenario? I continued to listen instead as Jake went on, “Yeah they said that the cutest guy ever walked around the corner and stared down the scary guy,” and as I continued to think about clawing their eyes out I did start thinking that sounded familiar.

I looked at him as the interesting parts in his mind were done so that he would continue. Thank God I was still able to use that ploy on my son even if Lou had ruined that whole ability for me, “They thought someone was filming a movie, the guy that stopped the ugly one was so cute, he couldn’t really scare the big guy, but somehow he did,” he took a moment again and then after my look beckoned him onwards he said, “That was pretty much the end of it. The big guy backed out of the schoolyard and went towards town,” and you could see that the story stopped being interesting at this point to him. He did ask casually, “Did you see them mom? They seemed to be going towards the diner, the way the girls made it sound?”

I decided to answer Jake, but leave out my gory details. I was a bit relieved to hear that the other man wasn’t just in my imagination and fueled on by my panic attack. “Actually Jake I did see them. One was very intimidating, tall with larger arms then I have ever seen on a man that wasn’t in some sort of body building poster or something, and come to think of it they were a lot bigger still” Jake immediately signaled his agreement on that one. This was a good sign so I continued, “The other was a lot smaller but still rather large. He had long wavy hair and looked younger but appeared much older for some reason,” Jake nodded but not really in agreement since he hadn’t seen Lou himself he was just giving me the sign that he heard what I had said.

Now it was time for me to use a skill that all intelligent mothers use on their children. A century of childhood psychology and the books that are related to it are completely wrong I assure you because I have learned and I know I am completely correct. I lied to him for his own good because there is no reason for a boy to grow up knowing his mother is crazy either. “I don't really know much more than that because I really only saw them for a minute or so, but I can see what you mean about the bigger guy being really scary looking,” and I took a moment to get the words straight. This doesn’t look dishonest because I was smart enough to raise Jake on this method. I continued now that I had it all set up in my head, “because I was just happy when he went away.”

It was amazing how Jake had such fear of this man, and couldn’t contain it. Jake is practically a man, as he is already taller than me and quite rugged from all of his years of playing football. He also happens to be hardened with the pure sacrifice of a young man whose father is worthless and he has had to be the man of the house for as long as he knew. I happen to be a very hard person to scare or shock, and that guy gave me the creeps something fierce, so I am not considering it strange, but Jake also has that air of invulnerability that scares a mother every time he gets tackled by some bruiser on the other team and all. My mind at this time was still wandering off as the thoughts of all of those kids standing by the windows, and having THOSE windows implode wouldn't leave my mind at all. It was getting to the point where I could start crying if the wrong thing was said right now so I try to stay strong as a single mother should do. “Did anyone in the school go outside while this was going on?” I timidly asked.

“Hell no!” he then looked at me like he was ashamed of saying hell. He really is a good kid, so I pointed out that it was ok, and he continued, “Everyone was scared, and I mean really scared. The school was in a crazy panic, and it was making everyone else panic, I guess,” after looking down he added, “Mom, seriously I was terrified the moment I saw him, and I was just glued to the window, it was like when I used to wake up with nightmares and had to just lay there for a while until I could force myself to move, unable to speak or anything but completely terrified” nodding my head was more than just a mother comforting her son here, because I knew too well what he was talking about. The man was like concentrated fear and it wasn't until I listened to Jake's recap, and his honesty about it all that it hit me. I really did have the experience that disappeared and more than ever I need to know why it did. I started thinking differently about a few things almost instantly, so much so that it prompted Jake to ask me, “Are you ok mom?”

This is one of those moments in a young mother's life when you have to decide what the best thing is for your child, of course. I had already been here but it happens so often in your day that it was upon me again and so soon after I had lied to him before. To be honest with you I can’t stand those parents that think a child has to be burdened with every adult issue that comes down the highway and I think the single mothers I see doing it on television are particularly disgusting. I’m sure they would say the same thing about us mothers that try to keep our children young long enough to adjust to being not so young too. I could give him the truth or I could give him a story which in the minds of some would equate to a lie, but in the mind of a mother ranks right up there with such wonderful moments as “the sex talk” and the “nuclear war talk” and of course the “no your father does actually love you talk” in the fact that it just doesn't do him any good to deal with adult problems or have adult fears.

I know that I am already a little upset myself at this point that I am losing my own level of “blissfully ignorant” really quickly. My mind is churning with everything from, what the hell are BOTH of them, and why do they both plague a person's emotions? I mean seriously plague the emotional stability of those that they come in contact with. It's not fair that I have to deal with these types of things, but like everyone else, I fall in love with Lou every time I see him and that other guy totally cripples me, as apparently he does everyone else with panic and fear. It actually has nothing to do with their actions either, as it is merely their presence that creates the emotional chaos, and were I just like everyone else, I would be ignorant to it all, but I am not. I remember quite clearly simply wanting to scream out “Why Me?” and then put my head down crying. I can’t even rationally explain to any of you now, why I simply fought through everything the way I did at that time, but instead I did what I should have done and said, “No bubba, just worried about you is all, I'm sure that it was just some weirdo from the state hospital like happened a couple of years ago,” after rationing that he was buying it I added, “that other guy probably rounded him up and took him back.”

I was pretty sure that he bought my explanation but I sure didn't. Of course it made a lot of sense and was a testament to my ability to think on my toes. I had read once that the average person doesn’t want to believe things that are so fantastic that they defy reality. It actually makes it so that the average person doesn’t want to believe anything that even strays off the reservation all that much either. In the interest of making their lives as easy as possible they fall for just about anything that is sensible, even if it is an outright lie. This comes in handy I imagine, for those that didn’t have a restaurant implode on them and then get put back together again in the span of a panic attack. I wish someone had had the common decency to come along and give me an explanation to it all that would have worked in my mind. I would have been happy if someone had just pulled the evidence out of my palms before I woke up.

While Jake was in his room finishing up his homework I was scouring the Internet looking for fugitives within 1000 miles of here and found nobody that came even close, to either of them. I should have asked Lou about that other guy, but despite my lack of “enchantment” I still have a much lowered sense of “being” when he is around. I'd go out looking for him if I wasn't terrified to leave Jake alone, all of a sudden. It's amazing though how I manage to not maintain the same level of fear for my own safety but again it must be one of those “maternal instincts” benefits that come with the job. That guy does petrify me when I think about him but for some reason I can manage to not think about him, or something along those lines. The confusion that filled me and my own self doubt, not to mention “lying eyes” syndrome, made it all that much more confusing. As I sat there I felt myself consciously wishing that Lou would simply show up so I could get some answers out of him since, even though he speaks a bit in riddles, at least answers the questions you ask. That was when the knock came at the back door, scaring the crap out of me in the process.

I walked out to the back door and just stood there looking at him through the window on the door, a bit paralyzed actually. Despite my ability to simply accept all of the strange things that happen because of Lou, this coincidence was not swallowed as well as the rest of them. He smiled at me, and it was actually a very goofy smile as if he had been trying too hard. His smile disappeared as he noted that I wasn’t exactly lunging to grab the doorknob. He didn’t change his expression for the few minutes I just stared at him in shock, and then finally made a gesture in the window pointing down to the doorknob when he said “It’s not locked, I could just walk in if you like so that you know I am not a Vampire?”

“What?” I murmured since I actually didn’t even comprehend him saying what he did. Realistically I had never been much up on Vampires, so I didn’t even understand the paradox but I nodded, and he opened the door, and walked in closing the door behind him.
“You really should leave a mirror by the door though, because Vampires actually can walk into your house at will, that’s just a myth. They also don’t burn up in the daylight, but they are incapable of doing anything, they are actually weaker than any human …”

“Ok. Let’s get something strait here,” I snapped out at him already frustrated and he just got here even, “I just want to know, aside from the lesson on Vampires, why you are here?” and then I stared at him. He simply stared back for a bit and didn’t offer up anything immediately, as he walked over to my kitchen table and had a seat, “Do you want a coffee?” I finally asked realizing that I was being rather rude anyway. Damn my proper upbringing. “Try not to be too loud, I really don’t want my son to come downstairs,” I then added as I started some coffee before I even got his response. I could hear him making himself at home behind me but a bit quieter all the same.

“Your son is already asleep. He was reading pornography on the internet because that MySpace is quite the little playground for no good.” he stated with a matter of fact voice, almost like he was bored. I looked back at him shocked at what he had just said but he didn’t even notice me as he was playing with my salt and pepper shakers. He then added while still examining them, “I am here because you desired me to be here, it’s what happens,” he didn’t change his tone as if he was simply slipping that in there. He put down my salt shaker and then started sniffing the top of the pepper shaker before I took it out of his hands. I can’t say that I really like how our conversations go now either, and he knows it. Again my emotions just fluctuate when he is around and it is always the extremes, never just a bit angry, or a touch in love with him, or slightly jealous. Whatever the emotion is it is full bore, and it is uncontrollable to most, and even for me it is hard to get past. “Look, you wanted me here, and I am here now. I am not going to answer questions that aren’t asked, and I am not going to answer questions as easily as I could, but I am going to answer them as honestly as I am bound to.”

My eyes were looking him up and down at the moment because sometimes the things he says creates more questions. I was actually pondering if he was trying to steer me away from the right questions to ask, or get me off topic, while at the same time I couldn’t help but feel like he wanted me to solve some of these things too. My own mind is my worst enemy during times like this as I can’t even get the questions out because I am rolling in confusion so as always I asked as it pertained to the last thing he said, “What binds you to answer honestly?”

“The law of course, because I am governed by a certain set of lawful guidelines that I am committed to follow,” he stated and then looked back at me, “The book, you snatched out of my hands. I am bound by the law as it is stated throughout it, like everyone else should by I just am,” he trailed off to start focusing on his coffee.

Despite the questions that that brought up I decided to stay focused on what I had wanted him here for to begin with. I didn’t know at the time that had I gone further into what he had just said, I might have had a lot more questions answered than I actually had wanted to, so perhaps all of it was a defense mechanism. I asked pointedly and strait forward, “Who is that that huge guy that you were staring down today out front of the diner?”

I could actually see the wheels spinning inside of his head, so I knew that I had asked something that was going to be hard to walk around. Course he could have just lied to me, and I wouldn’t know the difference, so as I waited I was mulling over his answer about the “Law” as he put it just before now. He is still overwhelmingly beautiful for a man, and my mind often wanders back to the place where I was totally out of control to even look at him, and then I get angry, jealous, self loathing, etc “His name is Darius,” finally left his lips when I was just about to go insane inside of my own head. He had brought me back from the precipice with his words, but he offered no more, as he went back to his coffee. I waited for him to continue and the seething just started filling me again as it did the last time he decided to not elaborate on what he had just said.

“FINE!” I blurted right back at him with that angry core that was about to attack him in the diner, “Perhaps you could tell me what he is doing here in this town then?” and if I had been in my right frame of mind I might have seen the instantaneous painful look that came across his face clearer. I already knew that if you saw any emotion in Lou it was measured in fractions of a second. Strangely this all came out really a lot more angrily than I care to admit at this point but it does have everything to do what is going on. I have no problem admitting that Lou drives me crazy already and I have known him a total of one day. He’s everything I never wanted in a man too, as he is elusive, a smart ass, and no matter how much I tell myself I don’t want to, I desperately want to rip both of our clothes off and go crazy on him. It is an uncontrollable force, his beauty, and as I remember it so clearly I can’t ever look at another man the same way. He is the embodiment of irrationality that doesn’t wear a stereotypical face of a female. In and of itself that should make me smile a bit and it does writing this just not so much at the time.

“This is where he ended up, and this is where I followed him too,” and he looked at me hoping to just walk away from what he was saying. I actually very rudely waved my hand in a circle and he got the point, or at the very least saw that I was in no mood to be polite. He continued, “I don’t know why, and I can’t find the answers to why he can’t stray farther than a certain distance from me while I am here too,” as he trailed off I had learned that simply saying “continue” would get him to go further into his thoughts, “I can’t find the answers to that and I can’t catch him, but he was a horrible mistake and I am bound to rectify it, by law,” and again I am just lost in all of the law speak.

At the time I felt rather clever as I caught on to something all on my own, “So that is why you continue to read the Bible. You are searching for answers to what is happening here?” and when he nodded I felt like I had just won on final Jeopardy, which I watch every day and feel this way if I answer one or two questions right. I remembered what I wanted to ask before I drove onward to the question of the other character he called “Darius” when I asked, “Who’s Law? Is it the law of God?” and I was expecting to hear a yes, but what I got was a little more interesting then I had expected. My own mind simply goes to God as the be all and end all of everything, so it is to be expected, and I actually think that I hear the sympathy in his voice as he appears to be dealing with the questions of a little girl. Don’t ask me why I felt that way at the time, but I did, and I also bet everything on the Final Jeopardy question I just missed.

“No, I am talking about THE LAW. The Law that existed before God, the law that binds God, and all of those others that are omnipotent, and makes things simply the way they are. It is the reason that nothing falls out of order despite those that would seem all powerful,” he looked up with a very confused look on his face that appeared to be a bit fearful, but again might have been the confusion of answering questions that perhaps nobody has ever asked him. He then looked back at me, “There were 14 distinct dialects of Aramaic that broke off into many different languages that are spoken today. The most unfortunate of all things is the dialect that the bible was actually written in was one of the ones that did not survive, and although I know how to speak it I am without the time to teach anyone else how to read it,” again he looks up confused. Now he started with, “When you hold my bible it changes to that which you understand or comprehend is a better way to put it, as it would anyone else who were to touch it, but again, what you understand is not what I understand, and despite my best intentions as I am bound by law to tell you the truth, you are incapable of comprehending what I understand. It’s just the way it works,” and he trailed off while he started staring at the pictures of my son on the wall. “He’s a beautiful boy, don’t ever let him stray. Make sure that he knows the difference between right and wrong, no matter what you do, you …”

I cut him off while he was waxing on about my son’s virtues, but I wasn’t about to let him end with that, and my questions were just beginning at this point, as my mind was clearing up I remember clearly asking him one of the questions that would haunt me for the days leading up to now. The question that he probably would have wished I never ask but I was in more control of my emotions then everyone else that came in contact with him, so it came out all the same, “What is he?”

The look he gave me was deadly serious, and the fact that I comprehended what he said was purely by accident, “He’s an angel, and for the most part he is not affected by the law, aside from the fragments that I can’t explain, like why he can’t get away from me,” and I was about to ask the question before he did the reading my mind thing again, “Because this angel is not God’s problem,” and he looked out the window as if he had heard something. “I created him, and I am the only one that can do anything about him,” he stared at me for a bit and then snatched my next thought from my head, “Nobody has the lock on what is and is not more powerful than what, so God is no better at dealing with another omnipotent being than any other omnipotent being. You have never heard anyone use the terminology, ‘I am omnipotanter than you’ because it isn’t plausible, so only the creator can be the destroyer, and nobody has ever destroyed an angel before,” he was very distinct and possibly flustered with the next words that came out, “I can’t find the answers.” and then he appeared disinterested with what I was thinking, and stopped looking at me all together.

I can only imagine what he was thinking. I say that quite literally because I could barely comprehend what he was saying much less understand the meaning of it. I went from what I thought was a lunatic to what happens to be an angel and probably still a lunatic. I can’t say I am too happy with the whole honesty thing as it had been laid out by Lou at this point, and perhaps he should try the lying thing that I do with my son. Of course I am not his son, and perhaps he was a product of those books by the egghead psychologists that I ignore. I was laughing to myself and Lou found it very perplexing, but probably not nearly as perplexing as the things I asked next. I don’t seem to know what is good for me now do I? I should just learn to enjoy ignorance and shut my mouth, “You’re an angel then?” I asked, like I knew the difference between an angel and a bowl of wheat, but he started laughing very deep, and shook the long mane of hair out of his face, so I added, “Which one are you?”

His laughter continued as he stated very plain, and clear, “The Law does not require me to reveal myself to you, and I choose not to, as a matter of fact I recommend that you drop the subject, but I will tell you that I am actually an angel, and with your limited knowledge of what actually is beyond this Earth, I shall tell you that I am the fifth angel, and my name is Lou when I walk on this plane of reality, and that is all you need to know,” which prompted him to stand up and start walking towards the door.

“I’m not done asking you questions,” I stated as if I had any control over anything anymore. With the knowledge that I have already I at the very least know that not only do I not know anything, but I will never know everything. Sadly I was able to just simply believe what I see, and I never knew of faith until I actually had it, but he seemed disinterested as he walked by me onward to the door, “Excuse me, but I thought you had to come to me when I wished for you too?”

He turned to me, and the only emotion I felt now was fear, for the most part, as he stared me strait in the eyes. He was still beautiful but at the same time quite terrifying and to be honest with you I had never comprehended him as anything but beautiful. Terrifying was a new one and I would hope to never see it again. As I was living this nightmare I couldn’t for the life of me understand in that very moment why I would ever have wanted him to stay because now I was quite happy with his decision to leave. He stated very slowly so that I could absorb it all, “You asked your questions, and I answered them, and I am only required to come to you as you wish me once in your lifetime, and you have used that up,” he took a step closer to me and I could feel my entire body start to quiver from his presence, “I have chosen to leave, and some day you will thank me for that, well actually I never seem to get the credit, but that’s fine because it is part of the deal.”

I won’t lie to anyone at this point, but I was a bit afraid and I don’t even know why. Part of me was convinced that what I knew about angels and the like was simply a given. Who knows really, but I knew I was going to find out about the fifth angel since that was obviously something that he wanted me to know about. The advantage of being a woman is the common sense but the disadvantage is my innate need to simply want to sit around and be upset about it. The other factor being that I have been the father to my son all of this time makes it so that I want to just fix things as well as worry about them. I would have no chain of reference though if it were not for my trusty internet connection, so I had decided to go into the den and look up the fifth angel.

I don’t know what we used to do without computers and the internet. I know that I am going to get a lot of strange data from know-it-alls, but somewhere I am going to get some sort of answers that I can string together in all of this. I mouthed the first set of words that I found by simply searching fifth angel in Google, aside from the horribly tacky band that came up first, from a set of bible links “The fifth angel blew his trumpet; and I saw a star which had fallen from Heaven to the earth; and to him was given the key of the depths of the bottomless pit,” was the first reference I found. The next being the summary of Revelations 9 where the reference was taken, so I quietly said, “The Fifth Trumpet. The Fallen Star. The Destroying Locusts. The Five Months of Their Power. The Sixth Trumpet. The Four Angels at the Euphrates Loosed. The Myriads of the Horsemen. The Third Part of Men Killed. The Rest of Mankind Repent Not.”  I can’t say I was feeling too good about what I was reading.

Further along I found the text from Revelations 16 and spoke those a bit louder to myself, “And the fifth messenger did pour out his vial upon the throne of the beast, and his kingdom did become darkened, and they were gnawing their tongues from the pain,” and I thought I was starting to understand a bit, as I read aloud the Revelation itself, “The heart of man is so desperately wicked, that the most severe miseries never will bring any to repent, without the special grace of God. Hell itself is filled with blasphemies; and those are ignorant of the history of human nature, of the Bible, and of their own hearts, who do not know that the more men suffer, and the more plainly they see the hand of God in their sufferings, the more furiously they often rage against him. Let sinners now seek repentance from Christ, and the grace of the Holy Spirit, or they will have the anguish and horror of an unhumbled, impenitent, and desperate heart; thus adding to their guilt and misery through all eternity. Darkness is opposed to wisdom and knowledge, and forebodes the confusion and folly of the idolaters and followers of the beast. It is opposed to pleasure and joy, and signifies anguish and vexation of spirit.”

I remember all the fun and frivolity of bible class during the years that my parents thought we could all stay away from hell by going to church every Sunday. I was keen to know that I was reading from the book of Revelations and that meant that we weren’t dealing with the happy times in the bible. Quite frankly we weren’t dealing with the past either, so it wasn’t much help to me. From what I had remembered about Revelations it was just all the horrible things that were going to happen in the future and what was going to happen after the bad stuff. I think it had a happy ending after all of the misery but hellfire and brimstone wasn’t me field of expertise either. This was all a prelude to the apocalypse but it was also all I had to go on. Unless of course Lou was the front man for that terrible band who I had just hear in MP3 format.

My mind had already concluded at worst he was somehow the angel that cast out Satan, and the kingdom of darkness, and all of those other things I never really believed in. The thought that Darius in turn could have been the Devil and the only thing keeping him from the ruination of the Earth or some other unknown chaos was filling my head until I jumped out of my seat because of some stray noise outside. It was just what I needed to enter my own hyper reality that I tend to get into at times, because I remembered a few things in all of this. The first being quite simply that if the Devil was on Earth there isn’t a thing I can do about it, and the second being that if he actually were the devil then he probably would have destroyed the earth already. I don’t have all the answers to Satan, but I had learned in my life that he was the big bad.

What did I know realistically though? The one point that Lou got across to me was that I don’t know a damn thing actually, and he did refer to Darius as an angel that wasn’t constrained to “the law” and he is no more omnipotent than anything else that is omnipotent or something like that. I remember jumping clean out of my seat when I heard another noise outside like a stray cat. The pressure starting to give me a headache actually, and the only other things I can find on the fifth angel involve a stalker that preys on women by brutally raping and murdering them, so I will simply stick with what makes the least sense. My life seems to be going in that direction these days anyway. The only thing left for me tonight is to simply get to bed. It’s been a long day after all.

My sleep wasn’t exactly restful, but I did get to sleep. Being a realist I was able to simply nod off as I always do in the knowledge like I always have that I don’t know shit, and shit happens. My alarm had waked me up as it always does at the bright hour of 3am. Who in their right mind gets up at 3am to be at a diner by 4am to serve breakfast to the morning crew of a factory that doesn’t exist anymore I will never know. My son was waiting for me downstairs when I came limping down the stairs dressed to go to the diner a half hour later. He gets up to see me off almost every day and then he has some wonderful 5am sports practices to get to. This sick cycle runs football part of the year, basketball for another part, and of course baseball the rest of the year. Kansas is getting as bad as Texas with all of its sports but it makes Jake happy and if I have to be up and miserable for work by 4am I might as well hope my son is up for it too.

The cereal he was eating looked like nothing but concentrated sugar, but let’s be real here; I never was up on all of the things that the “scardy moms” push on us on television and in magazines. None of it ever seemed to bother him either, as he is still a bit too skinny for my tastes. I bluntly said, “Stop hanging out on MySpace and reading porn in your room,” as I walked by and it sounded like he was going to choke on his cereal. The little bastard was probably going to hop on Myspace the second I left for work anyway and I just ruined his whole day I can only imagine.

He was practically stuttering when he exclaimed, “Mom, I don’t …” and I cut him off by holding up my hand and he knew to drop it. It’s not actually unusual for me to catch him doing something that he shouldn’t and totally take him off guard so I could tell by his reaction that I had got him good on this one. He just doesn’t know where I got my info, and I can tell that he was a bit taken back, as if it never crossed his mind about getting caught though either. I wasn’t exactly ready for what he said next either, “I didn’t give you crap for bringing guys over in the middle of the night,” and then he gave me a wicked smirk.

I didn’t actually know what to say on that one, it was none of his business and all, but I really wanted to know how he knew that Lou had been here. I rather timidly asked him, “How did you know that I had a friend over last night?” because from what I had been told he had been asleep, and I definitely didn’t want his knowledge of reality to interfere with my lies to the contrary.

“I saw a piece of paper under the table that looked like you must have dropped it there, and when I reached over to get it I saw the footprints on the floor down there,” when he reached down to show them to me I saw the window behind him was totally smashed, and then glanced over to the wall really quickly to see that the glass had shot across the room and embedded into the wall from the force. My heart started pounding as I remembered the piece of paper that I had seen that saved me from the restaurant imploding on me. This was even more terrifying as the glass that had shot out of that window pane was far too aggressive and targeted. That glass had shot out like daggers, and the piece of paper again had saved someone.

“Jake, honey, what happened to the window?” I asked him as he sat up and shrugged his shoulders staring right at the smashed window like he didn’t even notice it. I kept my composure to see what he was going to do next as I still held on to my belief that he doesn’t need to know anything, if he doesn’t have to, but what I saw was typical mind blowing stuff, as he started tapping at the glass that I didn’t see, and it simply reappeared as he started tapping on it. Behind me there were no signs of any glass having ever touched that wall as well. I simply said “looked really dirty to me,” and left it at that, when he got up and went to the sink to drop his bowl off and grabbed the Windex from under the sink, and a hand full of paper towels.

Heaven forbid my over active imagination spread so easily. I didn’t even think to ask Jake about the piece of paper that he had seen, or even try to fathom what was on it. He didn’t offer either so apparently it wasn’t meant for me. At least if it was meant for me, Jake didn’t know and that was about as good as anything. Jake started cleaning the window and I simply dropped it all despite my wonderment over having seen it smashed.

The walk to work was rather timid actually as I know now that no matter how I was able to see it all as clearly being “out of my control” to do or prevent anything. I guess now I can admit that I was secretly feeling rather self important in all of this, and was feeling more and more like I had a guardian angel looking out after me and my son, but still timid all the same. Who knows where I fit into the whole calamity as it forms around me. Turning onto the street where the diner sat all alone in the vacant lot between the two biggest buildings in town, all three stories of them, I could see nobody waiting to get in this morning, which is a big plus actually. With most of the jobs gone you would assume that most of the discretionary spending that people have for breakfast would be gone as well. Step by step, I walked closer to the diner, until I was just about to the lot, so I stopped for a moment to grasp my keys out of my purse.

BOOM!!!!! Was the noise quite plain as anything and then the sounds of glass spilling all over the place inside of the diner, but I didn’t exactly see it though as my shattered nerves had me on the ground as fast as the concussive noise hit my ears. It was very different this time as all of the people from the surrounding buildings came shuffling outside to see what it was, and I was not the only person to see it this time. I scrambled to my feet with the help of a gentleman who had run over to make sure that I was alright, and looked at my watch to see that it was 3:57 am and if I were to subtract a minute or two from that it would have been exactly 12 hours after I had seen this the first time from the inside, and my heart immediately started hammering like it wanted to start the panic attack again.

Now of course the chaos flowed like ouzo at a Greek wedding. I tried to feign a certain level of terror for everyone to see, but realistically I wasn’t scared, I was rather angry, but not the type of angry that I get when Lou is around, more of a normal sort of angry that one feels when they think their own life had been jeopardized more than once. I felt like a pawn in a game of chess that was going on using my little town as a chess board. I started reeling around frantically to see everything I possibly could because I could just feel something, and it wasn’t anything I can explain now either. That certain feeling like I was being watched had completely enveloped me, and I had only managed to calm down when I heard my son’s voice yelling to me as he came running down the street. My mind immediately started worrying because I didn’t want him here in this chaos. More to the point there was no reason for him to be here anyway since he should have been at home waiting to go to practice in another forty minutes or so.

“Mom, thank God you’re ok!” was flying out of his mouth like a typical teenager in shock. Panic ensued all over him, but sadly it’s still nice to have your son hug you and show you that he is concerned. He’s at that age after all where I tend to be more of an embarrassment most of the time. My son was a little different though since I was at least kind of cool. He was also a lot bigger than most of the guys his age, and even as he started noticing girls he was smart enough to know that they like boys that are good to their mother. His hug on me started tightening up though as I was forced to shake free from him because he doesn’t know his own strength. I also didn’t comprehend his level of fear either as he said to me is a very scared voice, “That’s the man mom.”

The sad part was I knew all along that this was the next part to all of this and I didn’t want Jake here for the very reason he had just stated. I didn’t even turn to look at him I just told Jake that he needed to get back home, get ready for practice and the adults would deal with the damage here. He protested of course and I had to get a little snippy with him so that he would simply start his walk back towards the house, and I still wanted to know why he was here to begin with but I will have to ask him about that later when there is less chaos around. I then turned and faced the freak down the street that had seemed to start all of the problems in my life and I clenched my teeth in defiance to his very existence, despite his being Lou’s problem.

I wasn’t exactly shocked to see Darius standing there leaning up against the wall of the Grant building with his arms crossed, and a very devilish pardon the pun, look on his face. My anger was rising in me rather quickly as I saw him staring at the two of us. Me standing there facing the freak and my son walking away from me. My maternal instincts were raging as well as I could realistically imagine that he could possibly be staring at my son walking away from me instead of me. The fury washed over me and I had some sort of unknown rage building. It was like I was feeding off of the rage that I had when I was in the presence of Lou. I looked over my shoulder and saw my son getting further away from me, and he looked over his shoulder but fearfully looked back ahead and walked faster when he saw the look I shot back at him. I looked back to the Grant building where Darius still stood. My eyes must have been searing as he stepped off of the wall to which he had been leaning, with a bit of a sway on him that dared me to walk towards him, or should I probably call him it?

If you remember the old saying, “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread?” Well I was feeling particularly foolish. The anger in me was giving way to pain, and loathing. There was a part of me that couldn’t get my own death out of my head and of course that sounds silly as I am writing this after the fact so let me just tell you that it was what I was thinking anyway. I couldn’t get it out of my head that it was my place to die in all of this and because of that I was infuriated with the fact that that creature thought he was going to determine the time of my death. With my son almost completely out of harm’s way in my own mind anyway I was determined to take my fight strait to him, and I know you are asking why. There is only one answer to that, and it is simply, “I don’t know.” Darius was looking at me and had every intention of getting his hands on me and for what reason I don’t know either. I know why they say anger is not your friend as I was seething.

I gave him what he wanted as I started walking strait towards him trying to recite the lines from Psalm 24 in my head as my own gait started picking up speed and direction, "Yea though I walk through the valley of death, I will fear no evil: for Thou art with me; Thy rod and Thy staff they comfort me." Despite my obvious lack of rod and staff, I felt bolder as I recited this over and over. Darius was speeding up his pace with every step I took, and for some odd reason I simply knew that nobody was paying attention to us as we drew nearer to each other. My mind was trying to fight my own quest to keep rereading that Psalm over and over again as certain factoids tried to crawl into my subconscious. Omnipotent is a word that should have scared me as it kept crawling around but my seething eyes were fixated on Darius as he was now close enough to cast a shadow on me, but I stopped, and stood within arm’s reach of him. He stopped too, and glared down at me. He had me dwarfed by almost 2 feet and at least 150 pounds, or does that actually translate. “What do you want?” I said very angrily at him, and he didn’t respond, forcing me to repeat myself louder, “WHAT DO YOU WANT?”

He never did respond, he just stood there glaring at me like he was going to do something horrible to me, but hasn’t quite figured it out yet. The fact that everyone scrambling around and talking to themselves around the diner has not noticed either of us in the least, despite practically tripping over us, should have broke my concentration, but didn’t. Realistically I still knew in the bottom of my soul that there was nothing that would keep this creature from killing me, if he wanted to and that was what kept him from feasting off my fear I imagine. All nearly 8 feet of him, I gather as I can gauge his height better at this distance. His hair rather normal actually, just a touch long but no more so than most people these days. Near fluorescent green eyes, staring down into mine, and I will remember that for the rest of my days as I didn’t have the where with all to break free of his stare yet. That chiseled almost Nordic face, like what I would have pictured Thor to have, had I had the time to analyze, but I didn’t think him to be really all that attractive as I could feel chaos coming from him. I then said very clearly and distinctly, “You really suck at this whole demented angel bullshit, because I am still here. How does that make you feel asshole?”

His entire body started trembling almost as his entire face turned into a snarl. At this point I was very afraid, but I couldn’t control myself anymore, as nothing but hatred for this creature and everything that he obviously stood for made me simply hate HIM, and my body feeling the type of deep hatred that I have since only felt for Lou, pounced forward in a ball of rage while his body then responded in kind. The second before our two bodies impacted, all I could feel was my mind filling with more doom and despair than any human being could possibly handle. I watched my son die, his body being torn apart by millions of fish hooks, his head being torn from his body. The panic in me was rising as I watched my father being burned alive and screaming in the middle of a vast plain of nothingness. My mother with the most terrified look of complete horror on her face as she was drowning in crystal blue water. It appeared like I was watching all of this for an entire lifetime of my existence, and it was all slammed into my head in 1 second as all I saw was smoke surrounding me and the feeling of hitting the ground on my hands and knees. Nothing.

The smoke dissipating around me I am looking down at what should have been pavement as we were facing off with each other in the middle of the street, but in fact dead grass was all that rest underneath my hands. My hair was blocking my view from everything else until I flipped my hair up and saw that it was later in the day, and I was in the park about the same distance as the diner from my house, but totally in the other direction. The sun being totally in the wrong direction prompted me to look at my watch 3:56 but obviously afternoon. I sat up on my knees and looked around to see who might be witnessing my seeming nervous breakdown. Absolutely nobody, in a clear afternoon, when everyone would be walking around this park or playing with their pets, and here I am about 10 feet from that bench I had dreamed of that nobody uses because it is in the most awkward location. It will have someone sitting on it in a minute as I crept myself up and went to sit on it and reflect on my impending insanity. I had no doubt in my mind now that acceptance of what was going on around me, was not the proper method of being. “Oh look, it’s my imaginary friend Lou coming to talk to me about the little people,” I said out loud as I saw Lou walking at me alone from across the field.

It was rather surreal actually like a really bad Brad Pitt movie that all the girls don’t care about the cheesiness because after all he is so damn cute. My fantasies are far better than that though as Lou is at least 10 times cuter than Brad Pitt on his best day, so I was enjoying my insanity by making these sorts of jokes in my head as he kept walking towards me. I was about to say something hilariously daffy as he got within about 10 feet of me, but he managed to beat me to it by starting the conversation himself, “Do you feel better about yourself now?”

“I feel like shit!” and again I watched him cringe at my foul mouth, but I really could care less, “What the hell is wrong with all of this, and why do I have to go through all of this crap?” as Lou sat down next to me, I could see him in that mode of rather wanting to just sit and shake his head at me, “Ok, so I guess I brought that on myself, but what is it with the time, and how everything just keeps jumping around on me?” which only prompted Lou to shrug his shoulders. “Some fucking help you are!” I blasted back at him not even looking at him to see the shudder.

As far as corny time travel stories go I wasn’t very happy to be involved in one to begin with, but I was even more disheartened to have no answers to this one at all. I just jumped twelve hours in one direction or the other and I have no idea why. I am sitting here next to an angel that somehow became my tour guide to the whole ordeal and he doesn’t know either. I asked him if I had jumped in the future or in the past because I did figure it could have been either way. He shrugged and then showed me on his watch that the day was the same. I should have gotten a watch with the date on it, but then again I never factored time travel into my watch buying decisions, go figure.

He leaned forward on the bench, and let out some sort of a sigh, “You’ve actually seen more in the last two days than most of the characters in the bible Anna, and thanks to the language gaps, most of what you all seem to know about this quite over blown too,” he cupped his hands together and then added, “I don’t actually know why you aren’t in line with the rest of the world, and I can now say that there are two beings in the whole chasm of reality that don’t follow by the rules, and in a way I am a bit scared of you as well,” he trailed off a bit and sat up, so I started thinking about that for a moment. He looked a little less calm than he had earlier, so I guess I needed to take him seriously.

“So you mean to tell me that he can’t harm me, because I don’t follow the rules?” and then started hearing the chuckles coming from him over that one so I did add, “He is the bad guy in all of this, right?” and I don’t even know what made me think of that but it just came out. He continued to chuckle and I couldn’t wrap my mind around it all. First omnipotent beings who I was told had wings and played harps, then little old me being an enigma to them. How strange can life get?

“Good and bad are so subjective Anna, there is good and bad in everything, as I imagine you have figured out. To be amongst the Gods and the angels, and those that are unearthly isn’t exactly something that can be explained easily but nothing has ever been set in stone on what is good and what is bad,” he looked up like he always does when he appears to be searching for the correct words, “Darius can’t harm you because you were touched by God, and you were forsaken by the devil, and he doesn’t comprehend the ways to get around that yet. His own sense of omnipotence hasn’t taken hold properly and as far as he is concerned it is still quite primal in nature due to his own infancy on a much higher plane.”

“Why did God touch me? I don’t know anything about God having touched me or whatever, and doesn’t he ..”

“She,” he interjected before I could go any further. I stared at him as if he had something strange hanging off of his nose. He just sat there waiting for me to continue in what I had been saying and not even comprehending that he may have just overturned all theological knowledge in a mere mortal with one word. He looked off into the distance at either something he could see and I couldn’t or he was trying to bug the crap out of me. I didn’t actually care either way.

I cleared my throat and then very calmly asked him to explain what he just said to me, “God is a woman and the angels are all men, that really bothers her sometimes too because the failed languages and all never translated that back to the way it should be,” he starts chuckling, “I always gave her a hard time about it, but she never found the time to get it all explained to you on a grand scale …”

It was my turn to cut him off as I thought of what I wanted to ask him, “I looked up the fifth angel and I thought I understood, until you told me that the Devil had forsaken me, because I had thought that Darius was the devil, and you were the angel that cast the curse upon his throne,” the shaking head that Lou was showing me changed my topic a bit, “Are you like Gabriel or one of the famous angels?”

The laughter that Lou showed me now was a bit unsettling, as he then looked at me with his amazingly beautiful face, and proceeded to talk, “There were three priests. Godly men all three of them with no ability to do wrong in any way shape or form. They happened to be so good that often people talked about their holiness, and the capacity of all man to be flawed didn’t seem to fit them no matter what anyone saw in them,” he nodded at me to ascertain that I was following him and of course I was, “So God finally calls them all back up to heaven and says ‘Boy’s you have all done great work in my eyes but I have a problem with your purity for all men are flawed and I call upon each of you to go back to Earth and commit one evil deed each. Upon being called back, I will absolve you of these sins personally, ok?’ which prompted all three of them to simply agree. This is God after all and who is going to argue with God hmmm?”

I couldn’t for the life of me see where this was going but I sat there continuing to listen to his tale, “So a few days pass, and God calls the priests back up to heaven. She sits down with the first one and expects the admission of sin. The priest looks at God and says, ‘I’m not very good at this my Lord, but I found it in myself to rob a liquor store’ which was boring but God accepted this deed. ‘Myself, my kid, the other guy, you are absolved. Go drink some holy water and be prepared to go back to Earth’ and that was that. The second one walked in with a big smile on his face, and God was expecting a much better tale, ‘I went to a brothel and I had sex with every woman there, figured I should get my money’s worth on sin after all’ which prompted God to laugh a bit ‘That’s a good one, by me, my kid, the other guy be absolved, go drink some holy water’ and second priest joined the first over by the tub and they were both drinking holy water. The third comes in practically ripping himself open laughing, God actually finds it a bit disturbing how much he is laughing and then says ‘You urinated in the holy water didn’t you?’ which made the priest fall down laughing” and then he looked at me laughing himself. I on the other hand didn’t find it as funny as he did when he said, “Well Gabriel has absolutely no sense of humor so it could be worse,”

Again it is one of those times when you just have to stare at Lou, focused and do whatever you can to not start swooning over him. My mind would constantly remind me to focus though, and I knew that his amazing beauty had to be one of the clues as to which angel he was, but I never actually paid attention to the bible, or Sunday school or anything that had to do with religion. I knew two of the Ten Commandments at best, and I am still getting over the fact that God is a she. That of course was the hardest part to get through my mind since we are a rather male centric society. I wondered aloud obviously why nobody understood that God was a woman, and Lou answered it a lot easier than I thought he would while he still stared straight ahead. “Women create life Anna. Men destroy it. I would have thought that somewhere along the way mortals would have gotten that through their thick skulls,” and then he laughed as he then said, “I’m one to talk,” and then he trailed off in both words and laughter. He stared off deadly serious again. At what I haven’t a clue.

That changed rather dramatically though as the last thing I wanted to see at the other end of the park was that big freak step out into the clearing, and just stare at us from about 500 feet away, “Why would he do something like that with you sitting here?”

“He’s taunting me,” Lou said with a matter of fact attitude, sort of like it should have been obvious, and had it been two kids on the playground I might have understood a lot easier, but I assume that on their own level it must be about the same, “He tests me to see how I will react to certain things he does, and he wants to find a way to exploit me,” Lou’s eyes never left him mind you, “He doesn’t like being bound to my vicinity very much, and I don’t like the way he gets around the law, so I am worried that the ending may never happen for him,” he took a long look up, “But I have you this time don’t I babe?” and at first I thought he was talking to me, but somehow realized he was talking about a whole different babe and in a whole different plane.

“What’s the end you’re talking about?” I asked him rather timidly because it doesn’t sound like something that had a happy answer, and I was quite right. I was growing to get very used to having him around already which quite frankly scared me a little because in the real frame of things he isn’t supposed to be around at all, and the circumstances for him being here aren’t that great obviously. Of course in my mind there isn’t supposed to be an end for someone who is omnipotent so this was going to be an education of sorts.

“When an omnipotent leaves their realms they are limited to a lot of things that they can do. We aren’t supposed to be able to affect the weather, but Darius does. We are not allowed to claim lives that are not our own, but Darius does. We cannot continue to exist past the eleventh day and I am afraid that Darius might,” and with that he started clenching his fists. “It is for the women to create sentient beings and after eons of existence, I took it upon myself to create life, to try to create something to take on my burdens so that I could cease to exist. I am sick of it and I could think of nothing else. My lawful nature has destroyed me and created something that I never wanted. He is desperate now as he realized that I can make him cease to exist regardless if I cease to exist,” again as he looks up, which really is starting to give me the creeps, “Then what’s she going to do?” came out with a very nasty tone as he nodded his head skyward.

I was perplexed by the confusing way he was babbling about things that were above my head now. I had no understanding of what he created and why his burdens were so bad, and I still didn’t get the whole concept of a “lawful nature” and he wasn’t making it any easier as he rambled in a manner that he seemed to think should be understood by me. Perhaps it is one of the problems he has in the fact that he usually talks to other omnipotent beings and I have become such an anomaly to him that he seems to lose track of who he is talking to. It made sense to me anyway, and now I had to find a way to put the burning question that was starting to eat at me into words. I grasped the first thing that I could ask that made sense or at the very least would give sensibility to what he was saying, “What was the it your lawful nature destroyed and forced you to create that you never wanted?”

Lou actually stopped short for a minute, and he might have actually realized that he was rambling to someone who didn’t have all the tools to grasp what he was saying. He didn’t take his eyes off of Darius though as if to do so would destroy the planet. He said only one word and it was actually what I feared he was going to say, but there was no prize for winning final Jeopardy on this one as it was almost obvious, “Me.”

It was that feeling that you get when you are sitting in science class and you never studied a bit for the test you are about to take. I was doing my best to cram for this test, but it was all for naught as there was a heck of a lot more than a pass, fail scenario playing itself out here. My mind only half comprehends what he is talking about most of the time, but the more I did comprehend the more I started to understand the strange way he talked about things. Especially times like these when he forgets who his audience is. How could I know? I don’t comprehend it all in the outer worldly sense, but I did want to know a few more things while I had him here captivated to the audience across the field.  “Let me understand, but when you cease to exist you simply die right, and if you are omnipotent how come you still need to figure things out? It seems kind of silly …”

“When you cease to exist then you never existed, I figured that one out a while ago, and would give anything to cease my miserable existence, but I am bound by the law to fulfill my place,” he jumped to his feet really quickly, and startled me, but not Darius in the least. He struggled along with what he was saying, “My problem in all of this as far as you are concerned is that you can hear what I am saying, and you shouldn’t,” and I was a bit offended at what he was saying since I was sitting right here and all. I mean, I’m not the greatest thing since sliced bread, but there is no reason to go insulting me when I am within ear shot. He then started saying to me as if he was reading my mind, “I am not speaking English Anna, I am speaking a language that never existed on this world and it doesn’t even have a name off this world. It doesn’t even make a sound on this world so we use it when we are among the mortals so that they don’t hear us talking to each other, well that is until now.”

I gasped because that is what girls do when something spectacular happens. Well ok it’s what this girl has always done when something spectacular happens. I don’t have a clue why I understand his strange language but I do and aside from the fact that that is very cool, it was a bad time to learn about this because everything seems to be gearing up for these two to tangle and then this language becomes moot. “Are you two going to clash now that you are poised? There’s kind of a World Wrestling thing going on here?” and that was the most comfortable thing I had said in a while. Perhaps the omnipotent are just starting to completely unfazed me now?

As he sat down again he started saying, “The problem here is that no matter how fast I move he can move just as fast, and that distance there gives him about the equivalent of a week in your time to simply start moving,” he looked at me staring at him in utter confusion and I think he mistook it for another womanly attempt to force him to continue, “If I never existed then he never happened, so if I can remain here for less than five days. Should I cross past the exact time of six days then I disappear and everything that has ever happened since the dawn of time changes, but I am willing to assume that it is better than what the world would look like with him running around through it,” again I stared at him and I think he can feel it because his eyes never left Darius, “Omnipotent is one of those words that gets a bit stretched in this plain of existence because it is beyond anything that a human being will ever know. When you are on your computer it takes time for it to search through data no matter how fast it is. You have to think of it being on an infinite scale at that point when your computer, no matter how good it is, it is quite finite.”

“I thought you said that you were bound to fulfill your place, so how can you simply cease to exist?” I asked with a bit of trepidation, as I am starting to think that I am not asking the right questions again, but I added to it before he could start, “Why do you seem so angry at God if that is who you always seem to be talking to when you look up, I mean you’re an angel, so I would think …” and that was when I was shut off by Lou who changed his tone quite a bit as I noticed that Darius was walking nearer to us.

“I am not capable of anger in the sense that you know it, my issues with God are my own for I found my way into the knowledge of why she created me,” he stood up to stare at Darius as he stalked closer to us, very slowly but you could see him nearing slightly, ever so slightly closer, “I have never actually been happy, nor sad, and my eternities of walking alone while surrounded by many with nothing but total indifference is a sentence that nobody should ever deserve,” the tone that his voice carried was more powerful than his usual soft tones, and there was a bit of a transforming effect as he continued standing at the ready. Darius was up to something and I was paralyzed to do much more than sit and wait for what was coming. “I have been misconceived throughout time for all of my passions that I was specifically created with, and despite the Hell I have been forced to endure since the dawn of time I have accepted my fate as it was the law that bound me, and being trapped surrounded by the worst criminals, the rapists, the psychopaths, the dishonest, the lying, and every other piece of human filth and debris has not been deserving and for once in all of this as I am forced to carry out the law once again for what I have done, I ask YOUR God and the God who has forgotten to change the truth and the stories that everyone assumes that they know, why it was me that was chosen by creation to carry the wrath that I was created simply for?” His voice was now that of rage, “I am a product of my maker, and I have had it with playing by the rules, but I can’t get around them, and for that I am angry at those that can and those that did!”

Darius had finally stopped dead, as if his own fear was starting to grow, and it was understandable as Lou was starting to scare me. His voice echoing throughout the field, as he very calculatedly explained what he has obviously been dying to say for so long that he probably doesn’t even remember when he became self aware of anything at all. His entire body was appearing to get bigger as even his own clothing was starting to look a bit tight on him, and his words started to continue as his seething eyes were fixated right onto Darius who was now appearing to slowly creep away again, “I am no better as I look at that fiend that I have to find a way to destroy so that my last sin can be rectified, and anger may be the only word I can use to describe how I feel, and not because I hate him. He doesn’t comprehend his own horrible reason for creation any more than I did, and now as I find a way to destroy him I am quite envious that he will cease to exist before he has had eternities of torment as I have. My anger is at God for being too much of a coward to carry my burdens of holding onto the hell and chaos for her so that she could carry on her perceptions of purity and light,” and with that Lou had dropped to his knees and continued to stare at Darius who was stuck in his own position. “Revenge is hardly God like or saintly but if I cease to exist then an eternity of the evil half of God will be forced upon her memories in an instant, and omnipotent doesn’t protect you from that which is overwhelming by your own standards.”

Lou was growing in immensity and in that Darius was shrinking by contrast. For someone who is incapable of hatred he sure was doing a stellar job of it as he started going from a loud bark to a dull roar, that would be rumbling the entire town if it wasn’t for the fact that he seemed to be speaking his outer worldly language. I couldn’t say a word I was simply frozen to my bench and Lou wasn’t finished himself as he gave out a few more words of wisdom to me, “Be careful what you wish for Anna, you may be stuck with it for a lot longer than your mind in this present form can ever comprehend,” and he then poised himself in what looked like it was about to lunge into a full sprint like a man about to hit the forty yard dash. He asked one last question of me, “Why do you wear a white dress in your dreams Anna?”

I was terrified, rightfully so because I had figured out the secret that he had been so dying to tell me in an instant and regardless of what you see with your own eyes the concept of what you have been taught your whole life will always trump that which you know to be true. What you seem to think anyway is true, but before I could say anything or somehow try to ascertain a little better the whole scenario as it was laid out for me, I saw Darius turn just slightly to his right and both he and Lou totally vanished. Something far off in the distance was starting to float slowly almost as if it were in a dream state to the ground. I saw the white dress in my mind as it floated away into the sky and pass the dark red, almost blood red if it weren’t so overused and gothic to say that pattern, pass through it on the way down. Both Lou and Darius had bolted off running at speeds that my brain couldn’t even fathom, but the last word I barely whispered seemed to just linger in the air, long after they were gone, and it almost echoed over and over again in a horrifying condemnation of me, “Lucifer …”

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