Friday, May 22, 2015

Mirror Mirror – 1.1 – A Means to a Beginning

The swirls of smoke from what has to be a cigarette billows from behind the bush, out front of the High school, in stark contrast to the rules against smoking on the facility. The ratty old sneakers attached to legs inside of even rattier old jeans, demonstrate that the person responsible for the smoke must be sitting between the bushes. This sight would be strange if it weren’t a morning ritual that had been going on for some time now. Ignorance to the problem appears to be the only solution that makes any sense to anyone. It at least makes sense to all of the people that give this particular set of bushes a wide birth, on their way into the front doors of the school.

Of course not everyone can maintain ignorance to the sight, for there is always someone who thinks they have a solution to everything. The beefy teenager who broke apart from the other slightly smaller teens, and wandered over to the source of the smoke, seemed like he had a point to prove. What that point would be seemed to only make sense to the gang wearing jackets with letters and pins on them. Who really knows how the pecking order plays itself out on the school yard, but this person seemed to walk like a bully, and that might explain his lumbering walk over to the bushes.

With a swift swing of his leg the young man with the chip on his shoulder kicked the legs of the dissociated teen sitting in the bushes casually smoking his cigarette. Within the very instant that his foot hit the calf of the other young man, the cigarette came flying out of the bushes and bounced off the stocky kids forehead enraging him, to start bending into the bushes, but was met by the other teenager, easily half his size, knocking him to the ground and throwing a flurry of punches about his face. The others were on their way to help out their friend, but not before blood was starting to stain the grass around him.

The first kid on the scene tried to pull the nasty tempered youth from his friend and managed to get a brutal punch to the side of his knee dropping him like a sack of screaming potatoes. The rest of the little gang held up, and watched as the aggressor now, stood up from the first bully, now in the fetal position, and trying to cover his face. It would appear that something had happened to his wrist in the melee because it fell limp as if broken, instead of protecting his bloody face. The now furious young man who looked like he couldn’t stand a battle with any of the others flipped his mass of hair, with blood that couldn’t be his own since it didn’t appear anyone got a strike in on him, out of his own face. Less than casually he kicked the second of the two in the face and then spit on him.

One of the teenagers still standing started explaining very unconvincingly, what he was going to do to the long haired cigarette smoker, and it didn’t dissuade him from his walk towards them. They scattered like rats, and the onlookers to the whole ordeal immediately started pretending that they hadn’t seen a thing. The angry young man with the temper issues thought to himself that this was how they all acted for all the years he knew them, and wouldn’t care if he accidentally injured any of them in his fit of temper. He really has no love for anyone, if you couldn’t tell already.

An adult was on his way now, and what was left of the onlookers were on their way elsewhere. There was a definite panic in being involved in this and all of the tension that filled the school grounds was swirling away like the smoke from the cigarette they young man had assaulted the bully with. Well technically it is hard to say who the bully is at this point, but you can see what I mean. The adult walked towards the young man tentatively, as if he has had the conversation he was about to have with this person before, and he definitely didn’t look forward to having it again. You can draw your own conclusions to that one, but he did speak out, “Ok, Mr. Chase ..”

The young man didn’t let him get too much out of his mouth before he said matter of factly, “You can go fuck yourself Jack,” and walked over to the bushes to gather his stuff, ignoring the adult otherwise.

As he started gathering his things, a couple of books, a bottle of Southern Comfort, pens, and a pack of cigarettes, he paid no attention to the adult surveying his possessions as he threw them into a duffel with a broken zipper. If you were to take a closer look at this young man you would note that he is probably poor to go along with angry. The adult jumped back a little as the young man turned around and gave him a very angry look.

The school security guard was on his way over to the scene now, and he was shaking his head. This appears to be a usual occurrence for him as well, as his sardonic attitude could be spotted from any distance. “What’s in your bag?” was the very first thing he said. The kid said nothing as he pushed through the two of them and started heading to the front door of the school. “Hey! You smell like booze again kid,” the guard yelled at him as he tried to get past him.

The kid looked at the guard, “I don’t see you get on Jack’s case when he smells like booze?”
The guard smelled the adult standing next to him, and then said, “Jesus Christ, Jack,” before he said, “you aren’t going inside that school Craig, so why don’t you take a seat back over in the bushes, wait for the police and the ambulance to get here?”

The kid made a noise that sounded like “Pffft,” and started walking in the other direction, not towards the bushes, but towards the driveway out of the school. Seeming to know something the security guard didn’t interfere with his progress towards the main road at the end of the driveway. You could see the attitude of “I don’t get paid enough for this,” as he told Jack the gym teacher he better find a way home before the police get here himself. To be continued ..

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