Monday, May 18, 2015

The Slammer – An Ever Growing Web Novel – Chapter 2.2

The walk down Yawkee way in Boston Massachusetts still makes John look around in awe, so you can imagine what it does to Jay. Well actually it doesn’t do anything to Jay; he merely strolls alongside his sister at the same pace that she walks exactly. Another interesting fact about Jay is that he will completely alter his walking speed to mimic Lily’s and sometimes that bothers her, but usually it works out better that way, because she always knows when he’s strayed off somewhere. The big doors to Fenway park had a man standing there waiting for them in a rather nice suit, which they recognized immediately to be Chris. “Yeah I do wear suits when I am going to see the big boss, it’s how I justify my salary,” he says to both of them as they walk up.

Lily gives him a bit of a fake smile as she is obviously nervous. Chris although impressed with how she looks in it, chuckles a bit at the thought of taking someone to meet the general manager of one of the oldest franchises in baseball, in the oldest park in baseball, with the player wearing a dress, despite how beautiful she is and how much he wants to grab her. The more he thinks about it the worse the whole scenario gets. “Ok, so I guess you won’t be showing off your catching stance in that dress today will you,” he says to try to put her mind at ease.

What happens here is another one of those little things that Lily does that keeps Chris on his heels as she pulls up her dress to reveal a pair of spandex shorts underneath them, and a pair of legs that immediately places Chris’s mind in the gutter, but the flush look on his face doesn’t give him away. When Jay reaches over and pulls her skirt up, she swats at his hand, and Chris and Lily start laughing again.

“Ok this is Team President Frank Boccioni’s office, he’s actually a rather decent guy, but he could squeeze drops out of a penny. If he doesn’t like you, you’ll know it pretty quick, and if he likes you, well let’s just say you’ll at least not feel hated,” before Chris can even knock on the door the smiling face of Jack Foster pokes his head out the door and scares Chris half to death.

“What he meant to say is that Frank is a dick head, but he can be less of a dick head if he wants to be,” Jack says before he strolls out into the hallway, and grabs the hand of Chris that is offered purely out of good manners, and then turns to look at Lily who actually stands an inch taller than him without the three inch heels, but he has to add, “Boy I’m not old enough to not notice such a sharp looking woman, bout time they get me a catcher I want to pay attention to,” and then he grabs her and shakes it as well before he looks at Jay with eyes that are just beaming.

“It’s really an honor to meet you Mr. Foster …” Lily starts to say, but gets that same cringing look that she got Skip when she had the audacity to give him the same courtesy, “I take it you are just Jack, and I better get used to these things?”

Jack smiled at her and said, “You better get used to saying Frank too because none of us can pronounce his last name,” but the words trailed away as they heard the office door click beside them, because Jay apparently got sick of waiting for them and decided to go in on his own, “Hey I like that, the kids serious in his own little way,” Jack says to Chris as he follows Jay inside.

Frank looks a little stunned to see Jay walk into his office first but still throws on the initial charm as he gets up and walks towards him with his hand extended, “You must be Jay Franklin, it’s very nice …” but Jay walked right past him and has a seat in the chair in front of the desk. With a bit of humor Frank decides to trail what he was saying into, “your sister Lily,” as he walks over to her with his hand still raised.

After shaking Lily’s hand he walks over to Jack with his hand outstretched in a different way, and makes a throat clearing noise, which is met with Jack putting a dollar bill in his palm. After a smile he starts over to his chair behind the desk but says on his way, “I like you already Lily, your dress won me a dollar. Jack thought you would wear pants, but I could tell you would go for the formalities. It’s nice to meet someone who can play baseball as well as you do and actually understands what it is like to be a company president as well. Smoko the clown over there thinks that everything can be done in Levi’s and a T-shirt,” and he starts laughing at his own humor, followed by Lily, which prompts him to say, “Oh good you even understand how to cover an uncomfortable laugh too. I’m sorry, I am having a hard time here, because the circumstances are just queer as you should …” he is forced to stop by Jack’s sniggering over the word ‘queer’ and after the dirty look continues, “the team owners love the idea, but they are in the entertainment business, I am in the baseball business. I have to face some hard facts here though. The team needs both of you, and I have two pitchers on the team desperate for another catcher.”

“Actually you have three, I got someone to translate what Barceló was saying, and it sounded a lot like he was going to take care of that overpriced ding-a-ling we have behind the plate himself. The fact that she is a girl doesn’t matter to him, and I’ve talked to everyone on the team, and they don’t care, because the whole losing trend has already robbed them all of their pride anyway Frank. Just tell them when they can start, so that I can take them out to The Bowl & Finch, and we can celebrate,” and Jack then looks at Lily and winks.

“John thinks he’s the team mascot,” Chris says under his breath which gets a snotty look from Jay, but a laugh from everyone else, including Frank.

Through the laughter though Frank says, “You are John now. John was the idiot that brought this knucklehead to the team after he found out that he was an orphan living with his grandmother, and only a seventh grade education. What were you doing again Jack? You were throwing rocks through abandoned cars in a sandlot right?” after a nod and a controlled laugh from Jack, Frank went on to say, “He couldn’t read a highway sign much less a catcher’s sign, but boy he could throw. As big of a nutcase John looked like he made the steal of the century and this team has kept up with the Yankees ever since, well until now, so I personally don’t want to be the one who lost that competitive edge, that the fans have gotten used to around here. I hope you John taught you how to save the team.”

“Actually John found them and brought me out to sign off on it Frank, so he deserves the credit, if it works out,” Chris replied, “If I had my way I would have left them the minute I found out about Jay’s handicap and Lily’s estrogen issue, but I will admit, they gave me three games that made me a baseball fan Frank, and I thought I would have already been one by now.” … to be continued

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