Saturday, July 25, 2015

Parched Souls

My Mascot of glee, Lord
Has granted my wish
He presents her a euthanasia
As promised. 

Her eyelids seal eternally 
With all their might
Making my love for her 
Spring up again. 

At the last second of their closure
She feels relieved and soothed 
Silver-blue droplets fall on her remains
Beseeching her to come back to life. 

They drown her bronze casket
But strengthen her soul
The various rituals proceed 
And eulogies along with regrets soak her.

She floats across the stairway to heaven
With a beatific smile pasted on her lips
My constant tabs on the sundial
Finally show a positive result.

It is time; time for her soul to release
She elevates to the entrance
Clad in an ivory gown that drapes
On the surface of the clouds.

Even Aphrodite bows down 
In front of her
Ready to crown her 
As the new symbol of beauty. 

She writhes with the hems
Of her dress
And her lively girls
Continuously nudge her

She trips over its pleats
And sinks into my arms 
But her friends grab her by her elbows, 
Pulling her away from me.

I somehow manage to see her 
Put on a scarlet blush
Her only make-up, 
Through her netted veil. 

She's let her hair fall
Fall, out of waterfall braids
And her velvet curls trickle down 
Bewitchingly to her bosoms. 

Her soft palms hold chrysanthemums 
That look dull next to her charm
I fix my tie and she giggles 
With another stroke of blush.

Every step she takes leaves impressions 
Of her soles on the stark white carpet
Beautifying its simplicity 
as well as her own. 

Dandelions halt in their respective paths 
Only to cherish a glimpse of her view 
And end up awestruck 
By her alluring self. 

A rainbow shoots up and then down 
In the worst of all droughts
Attempting fruitlessly 
To mirror her glory.

"I now pronounce you as husband and wife," 
Chants Eros and we put on halos, 
Emblems of our platonic love, 
On each other. 

Though our wedding 
Was rejected back then
Our marriage suffices 
In the laps of heaven.

We sway together to the symphonies, 
Celebrating our triumph 
Over the battle against the world
As earth stands by our side.

And as we dance 
Hand in hand 
To the tunes
‘We’ turns into ‘us.' 

The word eternity 
Regains its lost meaning
Our parched souls drink in love
Eventually quenching their thirst.

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